10 Games to Start Your Board Game Collection

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As someone who owns more than ten games, I may not be the best person to level with someone on the fence about entering the field. That doesn’t mean I can’t give some good perspective. I once too owned no board games and know some good places to start. This list should give you a sampling of everything board games have to offer. If you have a taste for anything, there are many places to go from here. This is the list of the 10 games to start your board game collection.

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#10 | Terraforming Mars

Rounding out the bottom spot on the list of the games to start your board game collection is a game about Mars. This is the intense one on the list, a game could take 2+ hours. This is an epic engine-building game. You are a corporation whose job it is to make Mars a groovy place. There is a lot to do, get power and oxygen and take on projects and all sorts of stuff. You are not taking on an easy task, it takes some time. This is a great game for getting your feet wet on a game that takes place on such a large scale. Everything else on this list is pretty quick and light, but this is very heavy, in a good way though.

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King of Tokyo Board Game

#09 | King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a king of the hill dice game with monsters. Each urn you roll five six-sided dice with 1, 2, 3, heart, attack, energy. You get three rolls to save what dice you want. You are either the one person in Tokyo getting victory points or you are outside trying to get in. Depending on what you roll, stuff happens and it is either about getting to 20 victory points or taking everyone else out. It is a game that will have you turning against one another in no time, but up against the cartoonish fun-loving theme that contains monsters like Godzilla. A good dice game and good example of all-out war against one another. And not in a picking on someone way, that player chose to take Tokyo so if they can’t take the heat that is on them.

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Pandemic Legacy Game Board Side View

#08 | Pandemic: Legacy

This is a great “campaign” game meaning that your actions from one game continue onto future games and you are usually fighting to complete various missions. This one is no different and all about a major disease breaking out and you and a crack team of scientists and other professionals to take it down. There are lots of campaigners out there but this one is manageable and it also gives you a taste of “cooperative” board games. Games don’t have to be everyone against each other, there are lots of titles out there where it is the group against the game.

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What Do You Meme Play Example

#07 | What Do You Meme

This is the first party game on the list and is here because anyone can jump in for a fun casual game that is for everyone. In what do you meme, people take turns putting up an interesting image and people have to use text cards to choose a caption for that image. Whatever is funniest wins the point for the round. It is very much like cards against humanity but gets the edge because it is a bit safer for more groups to play together. Rounds are quick and you can set the parameters of how big of a game you want to play. You could swap Cards Against Humanity in this spot on the list of games to start your board game collection but Meme appeals to a wider audience.

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Settlers of Catan Game
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#06 | Settlers of Catan

This game is one of the newer classics and a staple of strategy gameplay. One of the most nefarious gateways to board gaming is Catan. It is incredibly simple to learn but hard to master. You have countless roads to victory and on top of that, you have to interact with the other players quite a bit so there is a lot going on. In this game, you strategically place villages in areas to get resources, then you manage those resources to build more stuff. Trust me it is more fun than you could ever imagine. This was an absolute must for the list of games to start your board game collection, it is an icon.

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