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Kingdomino Board Game 2 Player Draft
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Overall Score

8 Fun
9 Replayability
9 Player Interaction
9 Quality
7 Art & Style

Continue for an amusing and informative Kingdomino review. Kingdomino is a Spiel des Jahres winner that brings together classic Dominoes and mashes it up with a strategic civ building board game with a fantastic drafting backbone. Each turn four tiles get flipped and players take turns picking them for their kingdom. The lower in the column the better the tile but the higher in the column, the better pick you get in the next round. Balancing that and collecting like tiles is how you win.

This game has only been around for a few short years, but it has also gained incredible popularity. It is simple to play and it appeals to gamers of all ages and intensities. Whenever you have something incredibly simple that makes for robust gameplay, you have a winner. This is our Kingdomino review.

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Fun (8 out of 10)

Kingdomino is an incredibly simple game with many fulfilling paths to victory, a classic combo to make a great board game. This award winner is as top-notch in that zone as anything else. The drafting is competitive and fast-paced and the set collection strategies and hurdles give the game plenty of bite without weighing you down. Kingdomino is a fun a breezy good time.

Replayability (9 out of 10)

This Kingomino review has got many good things to say about this game and first up with high marks is replayability. This has all the components that make for a game you want to play over and over. Every single game is different and each one is going to last 20 minutes max. More than anything, it is round after round of your decision making against your opponents, an escalating cat and mouse you want more and more of as you play.

Player Interaction (9 out of 10)

Part of what makes Kingdomino great all-around is the satisfying player interaction. Round after round, you get four options and everyone takes turns choosing tiles for their empire. Like in poker, a master of this game is someone who doesn’t play their board, but their opponents. Your long and term strategies and how they interact with the others in the game is everything.

Quality (9 out of 10)

This reimagining of a classic has won a Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious board game award there is, and if that is not a sign of quality, who knows what is. Whenever you can take a very simple mechanic and make it shine, you are doing a great job, and that is exactly what Kingdomino has done. There are so many drafting and tile placing and civilization-building type games out there, but this still feels special and unique.

Art & Style (7 out of 10)

Kingdomino has a need to give off a lot of information in a small space on a tile. It needs to differentiate terrain type and score multiplier. Even though the space is small, the game artists did a great job of setting these six terrains apart and visually separating them in an interesting and intriguing way. There is a fun style throughout that is fitting for all. Even though this category has the lowest marks in the Kingdomino review, it is still great. This is one of the greats.


Kingdomino Review

Kingdomino is a definite recommend. The game is fantastic and it has won a well-deserved Spiel des Jahres, which is like the best picture Oscar. Whenever you have a simple game that has great player interaction, replayability, fun and style like this one, you have a classic for the ages. This is a great one for anyone and a great gateway game option. We hope you have enjoyed our Kingdomino review.

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8.5 / 10 – IGN Review
“Kingdomino could have been nothing more than a simple tile-laying game that does little to differentiate itself from the myriad other titles in the genre, but the brilliant turn order mechanics and puzzle-like kingdom building make it unique. “

4 / 5 – Board Game Quest Review
“I’ve always been a big fan of tile laying games. From cutting my teeth early on in Carcassonne, to newer far like Karuba, I get an intense satisfaction of watching something be built before my eyes. So I’m not surprised that I enjoyed Kingdomino so much.”

9 / 10 – iSlayTheDragon Review
“I can see why this game won the SDJ. The jury favors simple games which the whole family can play and be competitive. Kingdomino certainly fits the bill. Whether or not it’s too simple for your taste is something only you can decide.”

86 / 100 – Zatu Games Review
“This is a lightweight game and plays as such but this is exactly where it’s strengths lie. Kingdomino is a quick, highly replay-able and well made game. Most importantly it can be taught to all ages.”

5 / 6 – Tabletop Together Review
“Every time I’ve played it I have always wanted to play it again, and since the game only takes around 15 minutes to play, it’s easy to squeeze in a couple of these games in a row. But despite the quick play time it also has a layer of tactics.”

Positive – Everything Board Games Review
“No big secret here considering Kingdomino won the 2017 Spiel des Jahres, but this game is freaking awesome! So simple yet so much fun. Blue Orange nailed another one out of the park.”

Positive – The Board Game Family Review
“The thick dominos are great to look at and each has cool items on it that bring it to life. You’ll find boats and docks in the water and wagons and windmills in the fields. You’ll also notice quaint houses, animals, and townsfolk milling around.”

Positive – Meeple Mountain Review
“Bruno Cathala really hit this one out of the park and Kingdomino is a game that everyone should try. Perfect for all ages, easy to carry around with you, durable components, great gameplay, and a low price point; what’s not to love about Kingdomino?”

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