Settlers of Catan is a strategy classic that helped kick off the era of the modern board game. Developed in Germany, the game falls into the euro-strategy genre usually meaning with minimal luck, with a lack of player elimination and indirect conflict. The game is one of the top gateway games for board gaming, people who don't even like the hobby fall in love via Settlers of Catan. Players are each trying to build up their civilization in hopes of getting to 10 victory points first. The board is made of hexes filled with five different resources (wheat, ore, clay, wood and sheep) with random 2 - 12 numbers assigned to them. You build settlements and cities on the hex intersections, every turn the dice are rolled and if your number is hit you get that resource. More resources means building more stuff and then getting even bigger and badder stuff.


PLAYERS: 3 – 4 *5 – 6 with expansion

GAME TIME: 50 – 70 minutes

GENRE: Euro-Strategy


Settlers of Catan was designed by Klaus Teuber, a well known German game designer who was a 2003 Origins Awards Hall of Fame inductee. He is held is very high esteem because Catan was so revolutionary.

Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular games in the world. It has sold more than 22m copies in more than 30 languages. If you look at 1995 to 2020, that is roughly 2500 copies per day, every day, for 25 years.

Settlers of Catan won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres in 1995. It is the most prestigious board game award there is, like the best picture Oscar for movies. It began in 1979 and has been awarded to some iconic games.

There are many editions of Catan. There are 9 different expansions and countless entertainment spin-offs like Game of Thrones and Star Trek. Most recently Seafarers was released, a reimagining of the game in space.

Since 1998 there has been a very elaborate world championship system for Catan. You can compete in local qualifiers which will get you a seat in your country's championship which gets you to the main stage. More information here.


The base game allows for 3 - 4 players though people complain that with 4 players the board gets too cramped. There is an expansion that allows 5 or 6 players. For those who think the regular is too much for 4 players should play on the larger expansion board.
In the base game, the colors are: Red, Blue, White and Orange. In the 5 -6 player expansion, the additional colors are: Green and Brown.
The book says the oldest person as a default, but you should rotate.
No. You could open by placing on one of the water port tiles (touching only two tiles) just fine.
Only the Knight card, but yes, they can be played either before or after the dice roll. Other development cards all have to be played after the dice roll.
During your turn you can buy as many improvements as you can afford, you are not limited to one. What you are limited to is the number of pieces you have. You cannot build five cities because you only have four total.
No, once the robber is out of the desert they cannot go back. You are free to move it to a blank space if you don't want to be mean, but that is about it.
Once someone has one of the bonus cards, it is theirs until they are beaten, not tied. If a player gets the longest road at 5 roads, it is their's until another player gets to 6 roads. The ownership changes instantly and automatically at that point.
For the main game, 10 points. In expansions and variants, this can change and is usually higher. This happens immediately, even if it is not on your turn. Once a player passes the point threshold, the games ends and that player is the winner.


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