Smash Up is a very fun, interesting, funky game. It is kind of cartoonish in a fun way but serious in its combat. The main component of the game, and source of its name, has to do with each game bringing together two different "factions", very distinct groups of folks, to work together. You could have aliens and samurai, wizards and dinosaurs, zombies and pirates, and the list goes on and on. The game is all card-based so these two factions come in the form of a shuffled together deck. You are using your deck to fight for a set number of communal bases that give victory points to whoever brings the most might. First-person to hit a certain number of victory points wins. The game is beloved and played for many years. This is why the game has spawned countless expansions giving you all sorts of "factions" to play with.


PLAYERS: 2 – 4

GAME TIME: 35 – 50 minutes

GENRE: Combat Strategy


Smash Up was designed by Paul Peterson who has created other board game gems such as the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game series and Guillotine.

The game is published by Alderac Entertainment, the gaming company behind other games such as Istanbul, Love Letter, Tiny Towns and Mystic Vale.


Whoever woke of earliest on the day of gameplay gets to play first.
The base game comes with (1) Wizards, (2) Pirates, (3) Tricksters, (4) Dinosaurs, (5) Robots, (6) Zombies, (7) Samurai and (8) Aliens. There are many more in future expansions.
If referring to a minion in play, it will refer to a minion's power after it is modified by abilities. In your hand, deck, discard pile, or when you are playing it, a minion has only the power printed on its card. Abilities that affect minions only affect them when they are in play, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
If a minion or action was played, abilities of the card played always resolve first. Any abilities that trigger from the card being played will then trigger. If multiple other abilities would trigger this way or from another event like a base scoring, the player whose turn it is can choose the order in which those resolve.
If you have to draw or reveal multiple cards, and you run out of cards during resolution, just shuffle the discard pile into a new deck as instructed above, then draw/reveal the balance of cards. It is possible to have a zero-card deck for purposes of putting cards on the top or bottom of it, or shuffling cards into it.
No. Cards like this only work on future situations. In the example above, a Wildlife Preserve will not remove actions attached to minions on the base in question.
The ability in question will explicitly state limitations if any. Unless explicitly stated, abilities that refer to minions and/or actions refer to those in play.
Unless specified by the ability of the base, it is not necessary to have a minion already there. Note that, for minions and actions, you can only use abilities of cards you control, unless specified otherwise.
Unless the ability says "You MAY...", you have to do so. Having a choice you do not want to choose is not the same as having nothing to choose from.
An action certainly can't since is not in any zone while it is resolving. For minions, it goes to a base before the ability resolves, and is a legal choice for its own ability unless the ability states otherwise


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